Where to find gems on Clash Royale: usage tips

As for Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Hay Day, also on Clash Royale there is a really important resource that is used sparingly: let’s talk about Gems. The latter are a truly remarkable feature of the game, they really offer many benefits to those who use them:

  • Instant opening of chests ;
  • Purchase of Common, Rare and Epic Cards in the shop;
  • Purchase of new silver, gold and mystical chests;
  • Purchase of Gold;
  • Compensation of the cost of gold for upgrades or battle research.

Where to find gems on Clash Royale?

It is clear that they are not essential, but tremendously comfortable! How to get free gems or classic gems in the game?

  • Unlock the Achievements: access the main tab from the game screen and press the button on the right with the medal icon, if you have bonuses to unlock a “Claim” button will appear. Press it to get free gems!
  • Open chests: when you open chests, whatever they are, you can unlock a quantity of gems that change in number, based on the level range of the same chest.
  • Purchases through the Clash Royale store: if you want you can simply buy a quantity of gems with packages of: 80, 500, 1200, 2500, 6500 or 140000. Obviously the more you go up in number, the higher the price you pay.

It is always a good rule, however, to use the jewels of the game conscientiously and sparingly: in both cases, whether you choose to get them for free, or you want to buy them, the right use is reserved for a correct use of the same. inside the game. A few examples? Do not use all the gems to upgrade all the troops, but limit yourself to, if you want to use them, to compensate for the gold you lack to succeed in the enterprise. Especially at the beginning of the game, or in the low arenas, having a low King level but maximized levels of your troops brings us a great advantage against the opponents and therefore facilitates the accumulation (as well as experience) of the crowns both to climb and to unlock the Chest of the Crown (discover the complete guide to the tricks of the Clash Royale chest ).

If, on the other hand, your idea is different, and you want to quietly evade, for example, the possibilities of unlocking them (slowly) through the game or putting your wallet in your hand, we recommend that you follow Clash Royale hack and secret glitches discovered within the system. Let’s talk about flaws that allow players to get tons of gems without lifting a finger (or maybe a finger yes). You can do it by following the  Clash Royale tricks or read the article to get infinite gems on Clash Royale  (below you will find an image taken from this guide).

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