How to unlock rare and epic cards in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is completely based on strategy and… luck ! Yes, because some cards are very rare to find and this creates a lot of nervousness among players who often find themselves facing enemies of their own level but with completely more sophisticated and better organized decks ( and therefore more advantaged ) thanks to the use of rare and epic. How are rare and epic cards unlocked in Clash Royale?

Some certain cards are unlocked based on a number of cups reached, and therefore as many arenas available.

Purchase of cards in store on Clash Royale

The first way, and it is also the simplest, is to buy the rarest cards with gold coins, relying on luck and through the Clash Royale shop: once we access the virtual shop, we immediately find at the top a category where every 24 hours we are offered three cards, common, rare or epic. These three cards remain stuck in this section for at least a day, so be ready with high amounts of gold to grab a similar purchase!

Trading cards in Clan Clash Royale

Another way to get rare cards is to request them in your Clan: in Clash Royale you can access or create Clans within which you can request cards (maximum one request every eight hours). In this way it is possible to exchange rare cards, but impossible to donate epic ones.

Obtain rare and epic cards from Clash Royale chests

The last possibility is to obtain them by opening the chests, which can be: silver, gold or mystical. It goes without saying that the rarer the chests, the longer the time to open them but the chances of getting cards of a prestigious level increase.

To find out where to find rare cards such as Witch or Mini-Dragon follow the appropriate guides, or follow the article on Clash Royale Cheats.