Tactics on Epic Cards in Clash Royale

A little trick that will probably be useful to many Clash Royale players. This is a trick that many high-level players already exploit to their advantage. How many times have you asked yourself questions about some playing cards? Such as “ How many life points does the Golem have? “Or” How many epic cards are there? “, Or“ Which playing cards do I not yet know? 

To answer these questions, just wait patiently for these cards to arrive, unlocking them from the Clash Royale store or unhinging chests. But there is an alternative that many of you probably ignore completely.

Revealing playing cards… even before unlocking them

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In addition to viewing the cards from your collection, an excellent way to find out all the statistics of the best playing cards out there is to access the TV Royale section. This tab allows you to study or simply observe the most epic attacks that are happening within the game. Instead of pressing the REPLAY button and then viewing the attack, you can simply tap on the playing cards of the decks to immediately discover the statistics of all the cards in the square! If that’s not enough, why not read the article dedicated to the 10 best tricks to use on Clash Royale?