How to share Replay on Clash Royale

Those who come from Clash of Clans or Boom Beach know that it is possible to share your attacks, as well as the defenses of your village with the Clan mates. This way you can comment with your friends on the strategy used by you or the enemy, propose or implement advice and suggestions and much more.

How to share a replay on Clash Royale:

On Clash Royale, there is certainly no lack of Clans, the social side of the game, and even here it is possible to share all the attack replays with clan friends. So the question is how to share the attack replay on Clash Royale?

To share attacks and replays on Clash Royale is really simple:

  1. Click on the icon with the two crossed swords (Battle);
  2. Press the button with the parchment symbol on the left;
  3. Click on Share on the attack you want to share.

The replay will be shared with all your clan and everyone will be able to comment or simply study a certain strategy. If that’s not enough, follow the best 10 tricks to use on Clash Royale.

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