How to create Clan on Clash Royale?

Here is the question that many have asked about Clash Royale: how to create Clan on Clash Royale? Creating it is very simple, and with this guide, it will be even easier!

Clan Clash Royale

As with all Supercell games, Clash Royale also has its own social form and allows everyone to found a whole new clan with the possibility within it of:

  • fight with your comrades,
  • share attack replays,
  • donate cards and more!

But how do you create a clan on Clash Royale?

Clan creation procedure

The procedure is really simple:

  1. In the bar at the bottom of the screen, you must select the second box starting from the right;
  2. Then, in the top bar, you have to select “Create“;
  3. All that remains is to choose the name of the clan, the coat of arms, the description, the type of entry, the minimum amount of trophies to access the clan and the country of origin.

The cost of creation is 1000 gold. So arm yourself with holy patience and keep fighting for gold coins to forge your own clan!

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