How does the shop work in Clash Royale?

Anyone who knows Clash of Clans knows that every Supercell game has a shopping area, or the store. What can you do in the shop? You buy buildings, unlock new troops, and buy resource packs or in-app services. In Clash Royale it works exactly the same way.

Once you have started Clash Royale you will find yourself in front of a screen divided into tabs. These tabs will quickly lead you to each section of the game, among these there is the first with the wording ” shop “. So let’s talk about the section where you can upgrade your deck of cards. Let’s analyze the sub categories better:

  • The first category is dedicated to the cards of the day: every day new cards will appear that can be purchased by paying in gold, some of these are rare, epic or legendary but you will have to strive to reach considerable gold quotas to unlock them and add them to your deck. Trust your patience and remember that cards are renewed every 24 hours!
  • Secret chests: chests can be unlocked when you win a game or buy them in the shop, we are talking about chests of a certain level of rarity and that allows you to obtain quantities of important resources and very rare cards!
  • The penutlima section is dedicated to green gems, the rarest resources in the game that allow you to unlock an infinite amount of new cards or chests. Remember that gems are also unlockable for free thanks to Achievements.
  • After all, the gold section allows you to get loot in gold coins immediately, paying the shares in green gems, speaking of green gems, do you know that it is possible to quickly unlock a clan thanks to this trick?