How do I find gold on Clash Royale: guide, tips, tricks

Gold is the only resource that can be obtained in Clash Royale (at least for now) and allows us to carry out practically all the operations within the game. So, first let’s go to list what the purpose of the Gold resource is :

  • Start the Multiplayer search;
  • Upgrade your cards (troops);
  • Buy new playing cards.

How do you get Gold in Clash Royale?

Since it is such a precious resource we will have to procure it properly so that our deck is made up of troops of a certain thickness. So, the question is how to get gold in Clash Royale?

  • Obtaining and opening Chests;
  • By purchasing the packages available in the Clash Royale store in exchange for gems;
  • By donating cards to your Clanmates ( Clash Royale Donations: How does it work?)

A great trick is to organize yourself in your Clan and allow requests only for common cards, in this way what you donate will be easily returned to you and in this way everyone can donate and get experience and gold for free!

If you have doubts about how to build your deck of cards you can ask our team directly in the Clash Royale Fan Facebook group and don’t forget to read the guide to the best gems generator for Clash Royale on our blog!

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