12 tricks to use on Clash Royale: Chests, Gems and Clans

Clash Royale was born recently but there are already many players who are having fun. They were born quickly and even after 24 hours from the launch, there are also numerous Clan births (despite the cost is really high, 1000 gold coins). For this reason, requests for advice and strategy have increased to make the most of this fantastic game. Although we have often paused to explain the best strategies to use, the rules to follow to launch the best attack, ploy to better manage your Clan, we decided to collect the first 12 tricks on Clash Royale that you can all try and test personally.

Given the huge explosion of websites peddling hacks for unlimited gems on Clash Royale, we would like to point out that being a game that is based on a remote server, it does NOT, and we want to scan the NOT well, it allows the execution of Cheats, Hacks or similar precisely because it is not possible to tamper with files locally. This is to warn all players who go in search of tools and who run into scam guides and who require, strangely, the activation of a subscription on the cellular before downloading the file! Do not perform any procedure or you will find yourself in addition to paying very expensive subscriptions even a file for your PC that is useless!

Having made this clarification, let’s catapult ourselves on the article and enjoy these solutions of the tricks for Clash Royale, all legit and that do not risk the ban (or pay any sum!).

Cheats for Clash Royale

We are well organized and have shown you numerous tips to optimize your deck of cards in Clash Royale. But here we will list you 12 tricks for Clash Royale to make the most of to easily win the worst challenges! If you are looking for a perfect deck for your arena you can choose one of those proposed here.

Giant, Super Magical and Magical Trunks Cycle

A Reddit user has revealed the correct sequence of the system which in this way would dispel the myth of obtaining chests “by luck”. The Clash Royale system shows the appearance of every type of chest based on a well-defined logic, a sort of binary code. The updated cycle, found here, shows what your next chest from the hypothetical victory will be. Keep in mind, though, that the meld ends when you continue to rack up wins but don’t have room to accommodate new chests.

Trick and advice on testing your deck of cards

As we all know, each deck of cards can contain a maximum of 10 playing cards. The most powerful are the Epic ones followed by the Rare ones, how do you figure out which is the best combination of use? Instead of wasting energy and patience at the risk of losing cups in multiplayer mode, we can take advantage of the Training Camp section. What is it? It is a section that allows us to test and use a deck against the computer with speed and without the risk of collapsing the rankings. How does it work? Just prepare the deck and press the button on the right from the central page of the game. If you don’t know which deck to use, check out this section.

Little trick for gems

If you are a player who uses gems to speed up game management times, we mainly suggest that you use these gems only and exclusively to open chests and not to buy gold or new chests! By opening a chest without waiting too many hours, you can free up space for a new chest and thus unlock new spaces, after which you just have to challenge yourself to get a new one and therefore have a chance to get a Giant Chest, Super Magical or Magical Chest. Pay attention and carefully follow the section dedicated to Gems in Clash Royale, which you can find here.

Requests in the Clan

Clan requests can only be made once every 7 hours, so make sure they are quick and easy to fill out or you risk chatting to vanish your request and make it in vain! Remember that when you log into a clan you have to wait a period before you can make your first request and that you have a daily limit on common and rare card donations. And remember that you can donate a maximum of 60 cards each day. Here is the detailed guide explaining card donations in Clash Royale.

Always ask for community cards or negotiate rarely

The convenience would lie in asking the clan for rare cards, but you have greater advantages if you ask for community cards. What are the advantages?

  • Greater number of cards to request
  • more speeds at which requests are completed.

Alternatively, you can agree a pact with your clan mates and get a lot of free gold simply by requesting, and requesting yourself, always the same RARE card.
This way you will donate the same cards you get back in requests but you will earn free gold. Let’s take an example:

  1. Establish the donation of trainers only;
  2. A companion requires Wild Boar Handlers;
  3. Donate Tamer of Wild Boars and get experience points and money.
  4. Request tamer of wild boars;
  5. Your clanmate returns the card to you.

This way you both have earned gold and experience points without losing any cards!

The cards in the shop

As we specified in the article Clash Royale Shop, the category above shows us 3 cards a day that you can buy in exchange for gold. Epics cost 2000 gold, and then go up each time. Common cards start at 3 gold. Don’t forget the precious opportunity offered by  Epic Sunday: on Sunday the cards in the shop feature double the cards you normally find. Take advantage of it to take down epic cards (for this reason, keep the gold to buy only those that interest you or to unlock some).

Increase or decrease by Arena

The more the arena increases, the more cards you will find inside the chests! For example, if the chest of arena 1 gives you 10 cards, that of arena 4 gives you over 20. Alternatively you can choose to decrease the arena to be matched with players much weaker than you and then easily get the 3 crowns per game, to unlock the daily chest in a really simple way. In this regard, we recommend reading this article which better explains how to take advantage of this handy feature to get epic cards without relying on luck.

Waiting at the start of the battle

At the beginning of the game, wait before using your troops: fill the bar with pink elixir fully and above all wait for your opponent to position his first troop. Often and willingly to wait 2 or 3 more seconds, even if the pink elixir bar is full, it is an excellent strategy to be able to immediately use the counter troops of your enemy and therefore displace him and easily reach the first Crown Tower.

Out of time in the game

If you are tied at the end of time, a golden goal starts after time runs out, so the player who wins the crown first wins the game. Take advantage of the production of the doubled elixir using less expensive cards perhaps using strategies like the Spawn Deck.

Quickly create a Clan

The cost of creating a Clan is 1000 gold. Bizarre to discover how there were people who even after a few hours had already created one, probably to win the benefit of “being first” in the standings with minimal effort. The Clan, as usual for Supercell games, is the strong point of the system: it allows the creation of interpersonal relationships between lovers of the same game and in Clash Royale they give a great benefit, that of quickly leveling up with donations. On this topic you can read the trick of the fast creation of the Clan which will allow with a trick to resetting the accumulation times of gold.

The solution to the Medium Elixir in the deck of cards

When you create a deck of cards, always try to use the Elixir Average feature, which is the average cost of the deck’s elixir. The lower it is, the better chance you have of creating troops in the field with speed.
Usually a deck to be considered valid needs an average ranging from 3.5 to 4.4 for arenas up to 4 and then from 3.8 to 4.6 for higher arenas. Obviously, every strategy has its own role and follows rules predetermined by the player so even a deck made up of cards with an average of 3.2 as a rule could work! Read the guide to get the perfect deck by following this link.

Discover the solutions to your favorite game

Clash Royale download for incompatible tablets

How to download Clash Royale for your phone or tablet even if it is not compatible with our device and does not appear in the Play Store or App Store? Simple, just follow the guide How to download Clash Royale or simply download the installation file that you find in the Download Clash Royale IPA and APK article. If you use an android smartphone or tablet you can still download the game.

Hey, wait, that’s not all, because you can read over 20 tips and tricks to use on Clash Royale to win all the battles: follow them and become unstoppable!