Clash Royale for Android

The most recurring question you ask us? When is Clash Royale for Android released? The question repeats itself and is repeated in an often infinite and cyclical manner. Contact us privately on Clash Royale or on the facebook group Clash Royale Fan. In short, we are talking about a test version game, but it already promises to be a great success!

As you all know Clash Royale was launched by Supercell not even 48 hours ago but only for iOS devices, so iPhone, iPad and iPod. Released on the App Store, therefore, and available only for certain players living in certain pre-established countries. What are these countries?

Clash Royale for Android available?

Clash Royale for iOS and Android is available for:  USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Norrway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, New Zealand.

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