How do I find gold on Clash Royale: guide, tips, tricks

Gold is the only resource that can be obtained in Clash Royale (at least for now) and allows us to carry out practically all the operations within the game. So, first let’s go to list what the purpose of the Gold resource is : Start the Multiplayer search; Upgrade your cards (troops); Buy new playing cards. How do you get … Read more

How to unlock rare and epic cards in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is completely based on strategy and… luck ! Yes, because some cards are very rare to find and this creates a lot of nervousness among players who often find themselves facing enemies of their own level but with completely more sophisticated and better organized decks ( and therefore more advantaged ) thanks to the use of rare and … Read more

Clash Royale for Android

The most recurring question you ask us? When is Clash Royale for Android released? The question repeats itself and is repeated in an often infinite and cyclical manner. Contact us privately on Clash Royale or on the facebook group Clash Royale Fan. In short, we are talking about a test version game, but it already promises to … Read more

12 tricks to use on Clash Royale: Chests, Gems and Clans

Clash Royale was born recently but there are already many players who are having fun. They were born quickly and even after 24 hours from the launch, there are also numerous Clan births (despite the cost is really high, 1000 gold coins). For this reason, requests for advice and strategy have increased to make the most of this … Read more

How to share Replay on Clash Royale

Those who come from Clash of Clans or Boom Beach know that it is possible to share your attacks, as well as the defenses of your village with the Clan mates. This way you can comment with your friends on the strategy used by you or the enemy, propose or implement advice and suggestions and much more. How … Read more

Tactics on Epic Cards in Clash Royale

A little trick that will probably be useful to many Clash Royale players. This is a trick that many high-level players already exploit to their advantage. How many times have you asked yourself questions about some playing cards? Such as “ How many life points does the Golem have? “Or” How many epic cards are there? “, Or“ Which playing … Read more

Where to find gems on Clash Royale: usage tips

As for Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Hay Day, also on Clash Royale there is a really important resource that is used sparingly: let’s talk about Gems. The latter are a truly remarkable feature of the game, they really offer many benefits to those who use them: Instant opening of chests ; Purchase of Common, Rare and Epic Cards in the shop; … Read more

How to download Clash Royale

Clash Royale is the new game announced and launched as a download from the famous Apple App Store. As we have already understood, Clash Royale is a spin-off of the most famous Clash of Clans: the aim of the game is to protect your kingdom and attack enemy villages  … but in a very different way from how you … Read more

How to create Clan on Clash Royale?

Here is the question that many have asked about Clash Royale: how to create Clan on Clash Royale? Creating it is very simple, and with this guide, it will be even easier! Clan Clash Royale As with all Supercell games, Clash Royale also has its own social form and allows everyone to found a whole new clan with the … Read more

How does the shop work in Clash Royale?

Anyone who knows Clash of Clans knows that every Supercell game has a shopping area, or the store. What can you do in the shop? You buy buildings, unlock new troops, and buy resource packs or in-app services. In Clash Royale it works exactly the same way. Once you have started Clash Royale you will find yourself in front of a screen divided into tabs. These … Read more